by theknownothinginvestor

Why trading? I guess it is all about me. In a world where since day one everyone says what to do and how to do it, trading is extremely appealing because you are alone and you have all the power to decide when you want to buy or sell, how much will you invest and what stocks will you choose. Freedom is the word. Trading is freedom and making life of it it sounds like hitting the lottery jackpot.

If in my daily job when something goes wrong, I can shove responsibility on my colleagues, how chiefs decided and even how the organization is established, in trading your decision is your responsibility, you are alone. Take profit or you will lose. No excuses can be shared.

And this sounds so wonderful to my ears. Having an activity where I depend of myself to prove that I am good at something, with no interferences from other, where luck or knowing the right persons does not matter, it is an activity where I want to take part of, it is where I belong. The only things I need to do are to study hard, to maintain focus, to stay curious and humble…at least this was what I thought in the beginning.

Nevertheless, I was pretty sure I would succeed. Afterall I am no ordinary guy (which is what everyone thinks of themselves 🙂 ).

But can we as humans handle unlimited freedom?