Many traders say that markets live by repetitive patterns, but I must say that life itself lives by repetitive patterns. At least mine where cycles of misfortune give place to fortune or where lots to do turn into “dolce fare niente”.

At this time of my life I’m peaking again with lots to do, as you can check by my last date post. For my three accustom readers (I’m kidding they are five) you don’t need to worry about I didn’t go broke. I just haven’t had the time in past couple of month to write about markets, mainly because I’ve been focused in my professional activity, with work hours stretching beyond normal schedule. In my humble opinion, this is a clever decision considering that it’s where my primary income comes from and where through school studies and professional training I’ve acquired good expertise knowledge.

Managing portfolios or trading for a living it sounds good, but my professional career moved in an opposite direction. In the future, who knows? But for now is really just a hobby that I’m very passionate doing it. Specially when making money.

Everyone is a different person, with a different living situation, but I wouldn’t recommend to the majority of people to quit a job and become a professional trader by its own, unless there is some kind of a plan B or C or even a D, wich normally involves income coming from somewhere else.

Another smart conclusion is that this is the best investment strategy I could come across. Although I had almost no time to spend with markets I was able to maintain my strategy intact and these last two to three months weren’t a walk in the park. In fact I had my major drawdown since ever, that hit almost two digits, but I stayed calm and I didn’t lose any sleeping time over it. Now, I understand this kind of markets correction are part of the game. The worst in world markets has apparently passed and my YTD returns have also climbed again above two digit figure. This brings me to the last conclusion, I didn’t suffer a big drawdown but instead my portfolio value was increasing on an unsustainable pace ans some steam throwing was needed.